jeon jungkook
rather be dead than cool
🐰 born and raised in busan, south korea. family consists of mother, father and older brother.

🐰 mother and father reside in busan and own a successful seafood restaurant.

🐰 lives with his older brother of five years in seoul.

🐰 does his best to visit busan at least once a month.

🐰 coming from humble beginnings his parents instilled the importance of hard work.

🐰 procrastinates a ton, but works well under pressure.

🐰 independent to a fault, has trouble asking for help.

🐰 introverted and shy - tends to take awhile to warm up to anyone new.

🐰 usually excels in whatever new thing catches his interest - can easily turn any small project into a lasting one trying to achieve perfection. quick to abandon things that don't hold his interest for long.

🐰 his goal is to become a tattoo artist, already has various connections to segue into apprenticeship once he's prepared to take that step.

🐰 has an interest in film and photography - usually lands jobs here and there for weddings, etc., mostly thanks to his brother advertising his skills. sometimes posts vlogs.

🐰 adores all animals. makes space in his schedule when he can to try to volunteer at shelters at least once a month. would love to have his own pet if life ever allowed the time needed to dedicate to one.

🐰 dislikes the summer heat, but also gets cold easy.

🐰 sensitive to smells; has a growing collection of candles and essential oils with a preference for fruity or floral scents.

🐰 between opening shifts at the bakery, classes and other hobbies he usually never exceeds seven hours of sleep - takes advantage of days off to catch up on sleep.

🐰 loves music. will often sing-song or break out into song if any lyric association clicks. will never turn down an invitation to noraebang. can play the guitar, knows his way around a piano and drums. (has considered busking, lack of time has kept it a consideration.)

🐰 his sweet tooth is his downfall.

🐰 athletic and competitive - can sometimes be a bit of a sore loser.

🐰 hates having attention called to himself.

🐰 is recently attempting to incorporate more colour into his wadrobe.
⤑ name jeon jungkook ⤑ date of birth 1st september 1997 ⤑ birthplace busan, south korea ⤑ occupation baker ⤑ education studying art and film at korea national university of arts ⤑ likes food, cooking, video games, animals, movies, anime, animation, art (drawing, painting, photography, etc.), comics, webtoons, ironman, piercings, tattoos, music, singing, nice smells, bowling, kickboxing, sweets, making playlists, etc. ⤑ dislikes extremely sour or bitter flavours, early mornings, loud noises, skinship from those he's unfamiliar with, nosy people, feeling like he's burdening others, studying, flavourless food, messes, bad smells, losing, etc.